Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I expect before camp starts?
On the Thursday prior to each camp week, parents will receive an email that includes a highlight sheet with the camp schedule, express drop-off information, how to order lunch from the café and more.

How can I speak with someone about camp?
We truly appreciate discussing your questions, comments and concerns and there are many opportunities to do so.

Please drop into the camp office (Room M-115) between the hours of 9:00 AM–4:00 PM Monday through Friday, or contact the camp office via email at or phone at (650) 223-8622.

You may also contact the Director of Youth and Teens, Dave Rosenfeld, by emailing or calling (650) 223-8607.

How many staff members will be watching my camper?
We operate within the following staff/camper ratio guidelines, which are recommended by the American Camp Association:

  • 1:6 for campers entering kindergarten
  • 1:8 for campers entering grades 1–6
  • 1:10 for campers entering grades 7–8
  • 1:12 for campers entering grades 9–12

What experience and qualifications do J-Camp staff have?
J-Camp staff receive a week-long pre-camp training that includes camper safety, child development and J-Camp policy and procedures that cover aquatic safety, trip and travel and mandated reporter training. All camp staff are required to complete a background check and be up-to-date in CPR/First Aid certification. A majority of our J-Camp staff are year-round employees in the OFJCC's Youth and Teen Program and work with children year-round in our school-break camps and afterschool program.

What should my children bring/wear to J-Camp?
We recommend that campers bring the following items, labeled with their name, daily: sunscreen, a non-perishable lunch, a light morning snack, a refillable water bottle and a backpack to house everything. On water or swim days, campers should bring their swimsuit, towel and change of clothes. Campers should wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothes that can get dirty. Items of value are recommended to be left at home as J-Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Example items include electronics, toys, trading cards, cell phones and money.

What is J-Camp's food policy?
Campers must bring a non-perishable, nut-free morning snack and lunch daily as we are not able to refrigerate or heat food items. The OFJCC is a kosher-style campus, so please send your camper without pork or shellfish in their food items. Staff will contact the parents in the event that a camper doesn't have a lunch, or if the lunch contains any of the previously mentioned items. In situations where the parents cannot be reached, J-Camp staff will purchase a lunch from Nourish Café and charge the card on file. A healthy afternoon snack will be provided daily by J-Camp during sign-out. On Fridays, we will provide a kosher-style BBQ that consists of a kosher Hebrew National or vegetarian hot dog and seasonal fruits and veggies. For sleepovers at the OFJCC and off-site campouts, J-Camp will provide kosher-style meals for dinner and breakfast.

Is there an alternative to me packing lunch for my child every day?
Nourish Café is happy to provide lunch service for all campers and families on the go! Please visit the café to view lunch menus and order. All lunches will be delivered during the Chavurah morning rally. Please note there is a deadline by which to submit your orders so your camper can receive their lunch for the next day.

What if my camper needs to take medication during camp?
If your camper has allergies or medical needs, please indicate this when completing your camp registration on their Health Form. In order for J-Camp staff to administer medication you must complete a separate Medication Disbursement Form. You will need to check in all medication, along with the Medication Disbursement form, during drop-off to the Unit Leader on the first day of camp. This form will be available, once registered, in the registration confirmation email. You also may request it in the camp office or by emailing

How will my camper be transported to and from field trips?
J-Camp outsources through a third party to transport campers on chartered school buses; the California Highway Patrol inspects these buses routinely. Bus drivers are background checked and trained by the third party in accordance with California state law. On occasion, qualified J-Camp staff, per insurance safety standards, use OFJCC-owned vans for transportation. OFJCC services the vans routinely and inspects them before each use in accordance with the ACA standards.

What is J-Camp closing and Shabbat?
On Friday afternoons, we end J-Camp with a fun closing and Shabbat celebration in the Schultz Cultural Arts Hall. Many camps will perform a camp song, skit or dance. A slideshow is shared at the end with campers' experiences and activities from the camp week with family and friends. Shabbat gives J-Camp the opportunity to come together and reflect on the week we have spent together and enjoy the community we have built. During the Shabbat portion of our celebration, we sing camp songs and the Shabbat blessings.

Will my camper swim at J-Camp?
All campers from rising kinder–6th grade will participate in recreational swim twice a week. Counselors will facilitate fun activities in the heated indoor pool for campers in kinder–4th grade. The 5th and 6th grade campers will enjoy their recreational swim in the heated outdoor pool.

What is J-Camp's cell phone usage policy?
Cell phones can often be a big distraction for campers. We want all campers to be involved in the activities and enjoying their time building relationships, experiencing new things and being actively engaged. While we understand that many campers have cell phones for their own personal use and contact with their parents, we ask that campers leave their cell phones at home. If your camper must bring their cell phone to camp, we ask that it remain in their backpack at all times for safe keeping.

How can I be involved in J-Camp?
Family participation is valued by our team and family members are welcome to engage in many ways at J-Camp. If you are interested in helping chaperone one of our field trips, or have an activity you would like to share with campers, please contact the Director of Youth and Teens, Dave Rosenfeld, by email at or calling (650) 223-8607. Additionally, family members are encouraged to join us during All-Camp events on Fridays and attend our Shabbat Celebration in the Schultz Cultural Arts Hall every Friday at 3:15 PM. Also, please be on the lookout for communications regarding several other ways, big and small, that we will invite families to be a part of the J-Camp experience

Special Assistance
J-Camp is highly dedicated to being an inclusive and accommodating camp. We strive to support all children of varying needs and abilities to have a positive camp experience and are proud of our team's drive to ensure the success of every camper. Any information that you can provide prior to your child's participation in camp, relative to ways we can best serve them, is valuable to us. If you believe your child may require special assistance, please call the camp office at (650) 223-8622 in order to set up a meeting with the Camp Director to discuss how we can best accommodate your camper.

Lost and Found
J-Camp counselors try their best to help campers keep track of their items, but sometimes campers may lose articles of clothing or belongings. Any unclaimed articles at the end of the camp day will be placed in the J-Camp Lost and Found, located outside the Rec Room (Room M-121). J-Camp staff will do their best to notify the owner of lost articles if they have the camper's name clearly marked on the item. At the end of the summer camp season, we will donate any remaining items in the lost and found to a local charity.